dlplogoAs speaker for the Distinguished Lectureship Program, Innis-Jiménez will give talks about various aspects of food, environment and cultural tourism in Mexican immigrant neighborhoods during the first half of the 20th century.

innis-jimenez-m-17“Being selected to participate in this program is an important recognition of my own work,” said Innis-Jiménez, an associate professor in the department of American studies. “It is also an important reminder of our responsibility as scholars to actively support scholarly organizations like the OAH.”

Founded in 1907, the OAH is the largest professional association dedicated to American history scholarship. The organization boasts more than 7,800 members and Innis-Jiménez is one of only 31 lecturers from around the country to join its Distinguished Lectureship Program this year. Nominees were appointed to the program based on their engaging lectureship and prominent work in the field.

“In these turbulent times, the Distinguished Lectureship Program provides an important service to communities and institutions. We thank these historians for their service to the organization and their efforts to increase the public’s understanding of American history and to help OAH achieve its mission,” said Katherine M. Finley, the executive director of the OAH. “And we congratulate them on achieving this high honor.”



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